Family Plan

Welcome to the BluWave Family Plan

Step into a new realm of automotive care excellence with the BluWave Family Plan – a comprehensive solution meticulously crafted to ensure that each vehicle in your household receives nothing short of exceptional care, all while keeping your budget intact. As you embrace the BluWave Family Plan, you open the door to a world where the number of vehicles not only equates to a merrier experience but also translates to substantial savings!

Our Family Plan isn’t just a service; it’s a commitment to redefining the way you care for your vehicles. Picture a scenario where your entire vehicle fleet enjoys top-tier care without causing a dent in your finances. This is precisely what the BluWave Family Plan is designed to deliver – an unparalleled combination of quality care and cost-effectiveness.

Here’s what sets our Family Plan apart:

Savings for Every Member

Enrolling in our Family Plan means that with every additional package registered under the same account, you unlock one of the generous discounts listed below. It’s more than just a promotion; it’s our unwavering commitment to making premium car care accessible and affordable for every vehicle in your household.

How to Get the Deal

Adding more members to your Family Plan has never been easier. Simply visit our location and speak with one of our friendly staff members. They will quickly update your plan and extend these exclusive benefits to each vehicle in your household.
The BluWave Family Plan is not merely a service offering; it’s an invitation to elevate your car care routine to new heights. It’s an acknowledgment that your vehicles are not just modes of transportation; they are essential components of your daily life that deserve the utmost care and attention.
So, why settle for ordinary when you can indulge your vehicles in extraordinary care? Join us on this exciting journey with the BluWave Family Plan – where satisfaction, savings, and superior car care converge to redefine your automotive experience. Click below to embark on a new era of family-centric car care and ensure that every drive is a testament to exceptional care and unrivaled savings for you and your entire Family!